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This is you HERCULES workspace: on this page, you can manage:

  • your account (password and email)
  • your coordinates
  • your documents (administrative only)

If you do not have an account, please fill in the information below to create one. Note that the login and email must be unique.

LECTURERS: to upload the abstract and your presentation slides please go to this page

STUDENTS: to fill in the evaluations for each lecture, you can either scroll down or go to this page.

APPLICANTS: if you have some trouble uploading your documents for the application process (unresponsive button), we suggest you try with a different browser (Firefox seems to work best), with flashplayer enabled (...). If the "Select files for upload" cannot be clicked, it means that Flash is not active. Note for the upload: you must first "Select files for upload" and after the files have been selected, click the "Upload selected files" button)

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