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Online learning HERCULES 2020

HERCULES 2020 remote learning offering

This page can be used to propose remote learning modules for HERCULES 2020 during the last three weeks of the school.

You can propose the following activities:

  • full half-day (for facility coordinators)
  • lecture (1h or 1h30)
  • 1to1 meeting with one or a few students (1 to 3)
  • data analysis tutorials (interactive or demonstration)

In order to propose an activity, you should give your name, email address, the title, and select possible dates for.

If a tutorial can be offered (especially for tutorials or 1to1 meetings) several times please indicate it, it would be very welcome.

The software used for remote presentation will be zoom. For tutorials it also allows remote control of participants computers.

HERCULES 2020 remote learning offer

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