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Accommodation and public transportation in Grenoble

page updated on 21/10/2023

Nights and breakfasts at the hotel are included in the fees for the non local full-time participants,
as well as week-days lunches
for all full-time participants.



Week-days lunches will be taken at the canteen of the EPN science campus (EMBL/ESRF/IBS/ILL) during the stay in Grenoble (excluding the weekend). The canteen is close (less than 10 minutes walking) to the lectures place.

You will be given a canteen card on your arrival, already credited by ESRF for the week-day lunches.

Dinners and weekend meals are not supported by HERCULES. There are many reasonably priced restaurants near the hotel or it will be possible to cook in your studio flat.



The participants to the school who asked for accommodation will be staying in the apparthotel "Séjours & Affaires Marie-Curie", located 58 rue Félix Esclangon, in the Europole business district of Grenoble.

The apparthotel is located near the train station, tramway stations (lines A and B) and shops, ~30 minutes walking far from the lectures place and ~15 minutes by tramway.

The apparthotel offers completely furnished apartments with fully-equipped kitchens.



The course takes place partly at the Laboratoire de Physique Subatomique & Cosmologie (LPSC) and mostly on the European Photon & Neutron (EPN) Science campus, both located on the Polygone Scientifique, just outside the city. You can either use public transportation (see hereafter) or walk to get there (30 min).

Tramway line B connects directly the hotel to the Polygone Scientifique terminus “Oxford”: get on the tram B at “Cité internationale” tram stop. For information, prices and conditions: click here.


Grenoble, nestled in a valley in the heart of the mountains, is the flattest city in France. An easy way of moving is then by bike or scooter.

You can rent a bike by the day or month at a Mvélo+ point: one agency is located in front of the train station and another one on the Avenue des Martyrs (between your hotel and the location of the school). For information, prices and conditions: click here.

You can also rent electric scooters and bikes which can be found and unlocked using the DOTT appdott logo