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Session A lectures in Grenoble

lecturers and lectures planned for hercules 2022

session A: physics and chemistry of condensed matter


I - Interaction of radiation with matter: DIFFRACTION

T. Baumbach

Dynamical diffraction theory

R. Cerny

Powder diffraction

M. De Boissieu

Disorder and its effects on neutron and X-ray diffraction

E. Espinosa

Single crystal structure analysis

V. Favre-Nicolin

Resonant diffraction

S. Langridge

Polarised neutrons: theoretical and experimental techniques for the study of atomic, molecular and nanoscale systems

 N. Qureshi

Magnetic neutron scattering

O. Seeck

Neutron and X-ray reflectometry

U. Staub

Polarized X-rays


II - Interaction of radiation with matter: SPECTROSCOPY

O. Czakkel

Neutron backscattering and spin-echo spectroscopies

H. Dil

Photoelectron spectroscopy from UV to soft X-rays

G. Grübel

X-ray photon correlation spectroscopy

A. Juhin

X-ray absorption spectroscopy: theoretical basis

M. Le Tacon

High resolution inelastic X-ray scattering

B. Lake

Neutron triple axis spectroscopy

T. Perring

Neutron time of flight spectroscopy

C. M. Schneider

X-ray photoemission electron microscopy


III - Interaction of radiation with matter: IMAGING

M. Guizar-Sicairos

Coherent diffractive imaging and ptychography



A. Barnes

Liquid and amorphous materials

S. De Brion

THz spectroscopy applied to multiferroic materials

B. Hjörvarsson

Magnetic X-ray and neutron reflectivity

C. Callegari

Coherent and transient states studied with X-rays FELS

D. Gatta

Earth and planetary science

S. Lyonnard

Materials for energy

G. Renaud

Solving surface problems using SR techniques

G. Renaud

Nanostructures in the light of synchrotron radiation

A. Rennie

Soft condensed matter

S. Schoeder

Ancient materials research with synchrotron and neutron techniques