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Common lectures in Grenoble

lecturers and lectures planned for hercules 2022



C. Alba-Simionesco

Introduction to neutron and X-ray inelastic scattering

D. Attwood

Introduction to synchrotron radiation, coherence and the evolution to free electron lasing

D. Attwood

X-rays optics and applications

T. Barends

Serial (femtosecond) crystallography

R. Barrett

Hard X-ray optics for synchrotron radiation beamlines

P. Cloetens

Full-field coherent imaging

M. de Boissieu

Introduction to the science at large scale facilities:
neutron, synchrotron and XFEL sources

M. de Boissieu

From a diffraction experiment to the crystal structure

V. Favre-Nicolin

Data science: from big & open data to cloud computing

H. Graafsma

Basic of X-ray Detectors: How do they work and how are they characterised ?

A. Harrisson

Introduction to interactions of X-rays and neutrons with matter

S. Langridge

Science at neutron spallation sources: exploiting accelerator based facilities

F. Marone Welfod

Introduction to imaging techniques

M. Müller

Introduction to small angle scattering

S. Pascarelli

Introduction to X-ray spectroscopies

S. Pascarelli

Free Electron Lasers and ultra fast applications

S. Schoeder

Ancient materials research with synchrotron and neutron techniques

A. Wildes

Neutrons: scattering and instrumentation






E. Belorizky

Quantum Mechanics (online lecture slides)

C. Boote

Fourier Transform: basic concepts (online lecture slides)

B. Grenier


L. Paolasini

Introduction to magnetism (for session A only)



C. Colin & B. Grenier

Training on crystallography (exercises)