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This page of Frequently Asked Questions will be updated when new Frequently Asked Questions arise.
Who can sign the "Employer authorization form to access the blue supervised, green, and yellow controlled radiation areas"?
Your PhD/post-doc supervisor or group leader can sign this document.
I was accepted as an on-site full-time participant in the program with financial support provided by the school. Does the Hercules school program also provides benefits for travel expenses or we have to book the flights with our institute?
The HERCULES financial support does not cover your travel from home to Grenoble. This round trip is on your or your institute charge.

What is personal liability insurance ? Where can I find in France if I don't have it ?
See on :
You can find personal liability insurance on :…

What is the size of the poster?
The poster size is vertical A0 format (118.9 cm high, 84.1 cm wide).
Please, print your poster before coming to Grenoble.

Who can apply for a grant?
Participants from an emerging country* can apply for a grant.
*you can find the list here:

How to apply for a grant?
To apply for a grant, you must write a special motivation letter asking explicitly for it, and join this letter at the end of your application pdf file containing your CV, motivation letter, and academic records.

What does the grant cover?
If you obtain a grant, it will cover partially or totally the registration fees.

Does HERCULES give rise to credits in Ph.D. research school?
Yes. At the end of the school, a certificate of attendance will be delivered and will allow you to benefit from 8 ECTS credits.