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Session B Lectures in Grenoble

lecturers and lectures planned for hercules 2022

Session B: biomolecular and soft condensed matter


I - Introduction & METHODS

M. Blakeley

Neutron crystallography

M. Blackledge

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

S. DeBeer

X-ray spectroscopy

A. Desfosses

Electron microscopy for structural biology

M. Czjzek

Biological small angle X-ray scattering

F. Gabel

Small angle neutron scattering

M. Roe

Protein crystallography : data collection and reduction, phasing

C. Sauter

Introduction to current trends and challenges of molecular and sructural biology














II - Imaging

C. Buckley

Analysis and visualization of 3D imaging data

C. Jacobsen

Coherent diffraction imaging and ptychography for soft condensed matter and biology

I. Michaud-Soret

X-ray Fluorescence biological imaging

G. Tromba

Medical imaging with synchrotron radiation



D. Clarke

Time-resolved fluorescence and circular dichroism with SR

G. Schiro

Following protein structural changes as they happen with time resolved X-ray techniques

G. Zaccai

Protein dynamics by neutron scattering and dynamics of macromolecules



D. Barlow

Membrane diffraction

E. Boeri-Erba

Towards integrated sructural biology : studying macromolecular complexes by native mass spectrometry

C. Boote

Fibre diffraction

Y. Gerelli

X-ray and neutron reflectivity in biophysics

P. Judge

Non-crystallographic ways of obtaining structural and dynamical information at different lenght and time scales for biological systems


V - Special topics

D. Bourgeois

Super-resolution microscopy : a revolution in biological imaging

T. Forsyth

Deuteration for biological research

A. Pastore

Integrative biology

S. Shoeder

Ancient materials research with synchrotron and neutron techniques

M. Spano

Crystal growth and low resolution structures

D. Stuart

Crystallography of viruses and very large macromolecules

M. Weik

Radiation damage in protein crystallography