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Important dates

The next Hercules Annual Session, HERCULES 2023, will take place from 27th February to 31st March 2023.




From 1st September to 15th October 2022

Online application to Hercules 2023.

End of November

Decision of the selection committee (saying whether you are accepted, on the waiting list, or refused) will be sent by e-mail.

Before 10th December 2022

Commitment to participate in Hercules 2023 (all accepted applicants).
Copy of your passport or identity card, and a photograph.

Creation of your ILL user account (necessary for the on site access)

Before 4th January 2023

Wish list for the practicals/labs/tutorials.

Before 28th January 2023

Additional documents (health insurance, personal liability insurance, and for the Ph-D students only: copy of your registration at University as a Ph-D student).

Creation of your ESRF user account and ESRF safety training to perform

Upon reception of the invoice

Payment of the registration fees.

Before 18th February 2023

ILL safety training to perform

Early March (precise deadline depends on the partner facility)

Formalities for the access to the large scale facility(ies) where you will travel during week 4 (ALBA, DESY / European XFEL, Elettra / FERMI, or PSI)

From 27th February to 31st March 2023

Hercules 2023 annual session
Full-time participants:

Arrival in Grenoble on Sunday 26th February, welcome between 5:30 pm and 9:00 pm at the hotel.
First day of the school: meeting point at the entrance of the ILL/ESRF site from 8:30 on 27th February.

Departure from Grenoble on Saturday 1st April.