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HERCULES YouTube channel

In order to facilitate the distant learning of the use of large scale facilities (neutrons, synchrotron X-rays, and XFEL), we have set up a HERCULES YouTube channel.

A first set of lectures dedicated to the common session (see list below) has been recorded during the 2020 Hercules annual session in Grenoble:

  • Introduction to synchrotron radiation, by David Attwood
  • Soft X Rays and VUV Specific optics and applications, by David Attwood
  • Introduction to X ray Spectroscopies and Fundamentals of X ray Absorption Fine Structure (parts 1 and 2), by Sakura Pascarelli
  • Neutrons scattering and instrumentation (parts 1 and 2), by Andrew Wildes
  • Science at neutron spallation sources, by Sean Langridge
  • Ancient materials research with synchrotron and neutron techniques, by Sebastian Schoeder

The production of these videos has been supported by the CALIPSOplus project under the Grant Agreement 730872 from the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation HORIZON 2020.
The videos were produced and realised by Geoffrey Toussaint.