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HERCULES 2024: results of the selection committee

The number of applications widely exceeded the number of available positions, so that the selection committee was not able to retain all the very good applications for a full-time on site participation. Concerning the online part-time applications, all of them were very good and could be retained, as there is no such limitation on the number of participants.

In session A, 48 full-time participants were selected, among 128 applications.
In session B, 24 full-time participants were selected, among 50 applications.

A number of full-time candidates were proposed an online part-time participation instead.

The selection committee also drew up a waiting list, in case some accepted full-time participants would resign.

The Hercules 2024 school will thus gather 72 full-time participants on site and a few dozen online part-time participants.

All candidates have been already informed about the decision made by the selection committee and can proceed further with the registration to the school.