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Registration fees

 Participants  Registration fees
 Full-time Hybrid  800 €
 Full-time online  500 €
 Part-time online  300 €


FULL-TIME participants will follow the complete 5 weeks HERCULES school programme (lectures, visits, poster session), including an exhaustive practicals, labs, and tutorials schedule:

        Weeks 1, 2, 3, and 5 online lectures and practicals/tutorials (i.e. from home) organised by Grenoble

        + Week 4 at one of our partner sites, for lectures and, mostly, practicals/tutorials.

CAUTION! Week 4 will be either on site or online:

- on site at SOLEIL (Saint-Aubin, France) and DESY / European XFEL (Hamburg, Germany) for full-time HYBRID participants
- online (i.e. from home) for PSI (Villigen, Switzerland) and KIT (Karlsruhe, Germany) for full-time ONLINE participants


PART-TIME participants will follow online (i.e. from home) all lectures held in Grenoble, but will not take part in the practicals/labs/tutorials. They do not participate at all to week 4.



The registration fees include:

  • attendance of lectures, visits, presentations, and poster session for all participants,
  • attendance of practicals, labs, tutorials, for the FULL-TIME participants,
  • accommodation, breakfast, and social activities at the partner facility for the FULL-TIME HYBRID participants.

The registration fees do not include (the following concerns only the full-time hybrid participants):

  • the travel from home to the partner site and back home
  • dinners
  • health insurance
  • personal liability insurance

A few grants are awarded to applicants whose laboratory is located in an emerging country (a grant motivation letter is then needed).