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Registration fees

 Participants  Registration fees
 Full-time European  2 200 €
 Full-time non European  2 900 €
 Full-time from Grenoble  1 400 €
 Part-time (from Grenoble)    500 €


Full-time participants follow the entire 5 weeks long Hercules school programme (lectures, visits, poster session, social activities, group work, ...), including the fourth week outside Grenoble, at one of our partner sites, and an exhaustive practicals, labs, and tutorials schedule.

Part-time participants follow all lectures in Grenoble, along with the visits, poster session, social activities, and group work in Grenoble, but usually do not take part into practicals, labs, and tutorials (or eventually follow only a few of them) and do not travel to our partner facility in week 4. The part-time participation is possible only for the students living and working in Grenoble.

Participants who leave in Grenoble do not need accommodation, hence the reduced fees.

A few grants are awarded to applicants whose laboratory is located in an emerging country (a grant motivation letter is then needed).

The registration fees include:

  • attendance of lectures, visits, presentations, and poster session,
  • attendance of practicals, labs, tutorials for the full-time participants,
  • week-day lunches at the ILL/ESRF canteen during the stay in Grenoble,
  • accommodation and breakfast in Grenoble (except for participants living in Grenoble),
  • social activities in Grenoble,
  • accommodation, breakfast, and social activities at the partner facility for the full-time participants),
  • travel to the partner facility, back and forth, for the full-time participants.

The travel from home to Grenoble and back home, the week-end lunches and all dinners are at the expense of the participants, together with the health insurance and personal liability insurance.
Accommodation and travel back and forth to the partner facility are organised by the school.