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Registration fees 2025

Registration fees for HERCULES 2025:

 Participants  Registration fees
 On-site Full-time  2 500 €
 Local (i.e. from Grenoble) on-site Full-time  1 700 €
 Online Part-time    600 €




FULL-TIME participants will follow on site the complete 5 weeks HERCULES school programme, including lectures, visits, poster session, social activities, ... and an exhaustive practicals, labs, and tutorials schedule:

        4 Weeks organised in Grenoble
       + 1 Week organised at one of our partner sites: ALBA (Barcelona, Spain), PetraIII - XFEL(Hambourg, Germany), KIT (Karlsruhe, Germany) or SOLEIL (Saint-Aubin, France).

The registration fees include:

  • attendance of lectures, quizzes, presentations, visits, practicals, labs, and tutorials, organised in Grenoble and at the partner site,
  • participation in the poster session organised in Grenoble,
  • accommodation*, breakfasts*, weekday lunches, and social activities both in Grenoble and at the partner facility,
  • travel back-and-forth to the partner facility, from Grenoble.

*except for the local participants, during 4 weeks in Grenoble: they will not be accommodated in Grenoble, hence the reduced registration fees.

The registration fees do not include:

  • the travel from home to Grenoble and back home (from Grenoble),
  • dinners and week-end lunches,
  • health insurance,
  • personal liability insurance,
  • additional expenses for spouses or other family members



PART-TIME participants will follow online (i.e. from home) all lectures held in Grenoble, but will not take part in the practicals/labs/tutorials. They DO NOT participate to our partner sites week.

The registration fees include:

  • attendance of lectures, quizzes, and presentations organised in Grenoble, as they will be organized in an hybrid mode (on-site for the Full-time participants and on Zoom for the online Part-time ones).

Note that all other activities (visits, practicals, labs, and tutorials, poster session, social activities) will take place on-site only, so the online part-time participants will not be able to take part in them, hence the much lower registration fees.



A limited number of fellowship grants is available for candidates working in less favoured countries.

For full-time participants, there are three possible grants: reduced registration fee to 1700 €, reduced registration fee to 600 €, no registration fee. Since the number of grants is limited, we will favour reduced registration fees over the waiving of the fees...

For part-time participants, a waiving of the registration fees can be applied for.

In applying for a fellowship, please specify the fellowship you apply for and any other possible fellowship available in your country or university. We also ask you to write a detailed description for your trip organisation in case the answer is positive.