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Results of the Hercules 2022 selection committee

In the uncertainty of the sanitary context due to COVID 19, we decided to maintain the in person session of HERCULES 2022 with a smaller number of participants and we let the opportunity to a bigger number of part time participants to attend the lectures remotely. We also launched a 'hybrid' version of HERCULES.

We have received 223 applications for Hercules 2022, among which we have selected 42 full-time participants and 30 'hybrid' attendance participants. The other applicants have been proposed either to follow the school remotely as a part-time participant or to reapply next year.

  • The full-time participants will follow the complete school on-site (4 weeks in Grenoble and 1 week at one of our partner site). The programme will include lectures, visits of large scale facilities, practicals, labs, and tutorials, organised in and outside Grenoble.
  • The 'hybrid' attendance participants will follow online (from home) only the lectures held in Grenoble and will participate on-site to the week organised at one of our partner sites. This week outside Grenoble will include lectures and mostly practicals and tutorials.
  • The part-time attendance will be fully online (from home) and will propose only the lectures held in Grenoble (i.e. no practicals training and no participation in the week at one of our partner facility).

Note that there is a non negligeable risk that Hercules 2022 session has to be reorganised fully on-line, for all participants. Hence, all the applicants that were not ready to follow it remotely could not be selected. We encourage them to reapply next year.

You can find more information in the page Registration fees.