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Question, Quizz, and Poster sessions in Grenoble

Following the wish expressed by the Hercules participants in the final evaluation of the school, we propose every year a few more interactive courses, in addition to the poster session that exists since the beginning of Hercules.


A poster session is organised every year at the end of the first or second week of the school. This year, it will take place on Thursday 9th March afternoon 2023. The poster session is an opportunity given to the participants to present their recent research activities to other HERCULES participants as well as to Grenoble scientists. It is an important aspect of the HERCULES school. This enables one to initiate an interface between the participants and the local scientific community. The best posters of each session will be awarded by the jury, consisted of members of the organising committee.

The participants are asked to prepare their poster in advance and bring it with them to Grenoble.
For information, the maximum size of the poster should be about: 0.85 m wide x 1.15 m high (A0 format with portrait layout).



Two Questions on lecture sessions are organised every year:

  • the first one at the end of the first week of the school, on the common lectures given during this first week (participants from the A and B sessions together),
  • a second one at the end of the second week, for all participants either together or separated between the A and B sessions (this depends on the planning of the week).
    These sessions will be animated by members of the organising committee and lecturers of the week that can be present.

This year, the two sessions will take place on Friday 3rd and Friday 10th March 2023 afternoons, and both will address to all participants together (only two lectures separated between A and B at this stage of the school).



Four additional interactive sessions will be organised: Trainings / Quizzes about the lectures given until then. These sessions will consist in Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), that all participants will have to answer, then lecturers will give the right answer and explain it.

  • Two Training on crystallography sessions will be organised, following the "Refresher on crystallography" lectures given in the first week. These sessions will be organised using the Polling tool of Zoom. This means that all (on site) full-time participants will need to bring their laptop and connect on the Zoom meeting, to be able to participate actively in these sessions. The (online) part-time participants will also be able to vote during the Quizz.
  • Two Training on basics about neutron and X-ray radiations sessions will be organised, about all other common lectures given in the first days of the school, for the first session, then all lectures (common, and from the A and B sessions, if any) in between the two quizz sessions. For the second quizz, the participants from the A and B sessions will be separated if there has been enough lectures devoted to each session beforehand. These two training MCQ courses will be organised using voting boxes, hence, only the on site participants will be able to participate. All online part-time participants are of course encouraged to follow these sessions, although they won't be able to vote.